Valentina Vinci

Valentina Vinci is an Italian illustrator and graphic designer based in Cagliari, Sardinia. She specializes in Digital Collage, mixing handmade drawings with digital elements, photography and typography.

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Valentina Vinci, Mummy Brown

About Valentina Vinci

Valentina’s artwork is very colourful, playful and fresh, even though she often addresses serious subject matter. She likes to lighten concepts to make them accessible to any kind of reader. She also likes to create scenes that don’t exist in reality, but that seem quite plausible.

Valentina has worked with clients in the publishing, magazine, music and graphic design industries; her work covers many different subjects such as politics, science, social issues, the environment and emotion.

Her clients include: L’Espresso, La Nuova Ecologia, Domani, Editori Laterza, Legambiente, BPER:banca, Festival della Resilienza, Bianca Dischi, Mater Lingua.

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