Susanna Rumiz

Susanna is a bit of a colour nerd and is always looking for the perfect colour combinations, so whenever there are fun characters to draw and colour palettes to play with, she’s in!

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Susanna Rumiz, Mummy Brown

About Susanna Rumiz

Susanna Rumiz is from a little town in the north-east of Italy, where she grew up surrounded by nature and colouring pencils. When she’s not drawing, Susanna reads tonnes of books, grows jungles on her balcony, and collects other people’s shopping lists.

Susanna’s clients include: Quarto Kids, SisterMag, AARP, Auzou, Simon & Schuster, What On Earth Books, Usborne Publishing, Storytime Magazine, Oxford University Press, Scholastic, Caterpillar Books, Pearson, Crayola, BioBizz, Racoon Studio and Tekman Education.

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