Nicolas Aznarez

Born in the USA, but with origins from Navarra, Spain, where he is now based, Nicolás is focused on conceptual and children’s illustration. Having experimented with different styles, he has gradually developed one he considers to be his own.

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Nicolas Aznarez, Mummy Brown

About Nicolas Aznarez

Nicolás Aznárez has had the opportunity to live in several countries and to meet cultures as contrasting as the ones of Japan, Mexico, Argentina and Cuba. Right after initiating his career in Architecture, Nicolás chose to give his professional future and life a radical spin by focusing on creativity and Design instead. For this he studied Graphic Design and Advertising in the “Escuela Superior de Publicidad de Madrid (E.S.P)”. Illustration came later, but a whole lifetime of drawing greatly influenced his work as a Designer.

Seasoned through frequent collaborations with newspapers, magazines and children’s publishers, Nicolás specializes in delivering thought-provoking and vivid imagery. Currently, Nicolás forms part of the team of illustrators working for Newspaper “El País”. Other clients include: Campari, Lufthansa, Politico europe, Santillana, Oxford University Press, Red Bull Innovator, Diario ABC, Tampa Bay Times, Big Cat Publishers, ICON, Suzuki, Frankfurter Allgemeine, A La Carte, Pferde Revue, Volkswagen Foundation, Wiener – Das österreichische Männermagazin, NZZ, 110% magazine, Great Minds publishers, Editorial Planeta and Caritas Magazine.

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