Maria Gargot

Maria Gargot studied painting at the Escola Massana and Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Maria combines traditional techniques with digital methods. She specializes in watercolour, Chinese ink, fluid acrylics and colour pencil.

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Maria Gargot, Mummy Brown

About Maria Gargot

Maria has also attended courses relating to theatre, creativity, art therapy and psycho-dance. In her imagination, she prioritizes symbolism, a sense of humour, tenderness, simplicity and the essence of things; the expressiveness of the stain and the error in the line to narrate and discover new characters and explain their stories and intimacies. She is interested in investigating ways of transferring concepts and experiences from mindfulness to artistic practice.

She has also worked as a graphic designer, given classes in drawing and painting, taught workshops, participated in festivals and exhibitions such as the Galáctica (Igualada), the Utopia Markets Il-lustració, the MIA, the Esther Montoriol, Espai [B] and Miscelánea galleries.

Maria enjoys working on personal projects alongside illustration commissions from publishing houses, design studios and magazines. Her clients include: La Maleta de Portbou, L’Altra Editorial, Xavier Bas Disseny and La Dona dels Nassos Magazine.

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