Katie Tomlinson

Katie Tomlinson is an award-winning visual artist originally from Bristol, England, currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. An avid observer, Katie uses drawing to process and document life around her, viewing it as a way to slow time in an otherwise chaotic world. 

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Katie Tomlinson, Mummy Brown

About Katie Tomlinson

Katie’s fascination with drawing began at an early age, where she spent endless afternoons sketching alongside her grandfather onto whatever surface they could find, from old receipts to café serviettes.

She finds inspiration in the everyday, discovering beauty in the simplicities of life that are often overlooked. Strengths in mark-making and observational drawing make her work suited for fashion illustration and portraiture. Her unique use of limited colour, loose lines, and negative space are used intelligently to create powerful compositions and a fresh approach to drawing and its contemporary uses.

Since graduating from Birmingham City University with a First Class Honours in Visual Communication (Illustration), her versatile approach has enabled her to work on a variety of commissions, ranging from handbag design to architectural sketches to live drawing at corporate events.

Katie’s clients include: Young’s Pubs & Hotels, Breathe Magazine, Radley London, Soho House Magazine, Creative Black Country, and TedX.

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