Irene Pérez

Irene Pérez is an illustrator and printmaker based in Barcelona, Spain. Irene finds inspiration in folk tales and rituals, mostly from Latin American and Asian cultures.

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Irene Perez, Mummy Brown

About Irene Pérez

Growing up in Spain, next to the Mediterranean Sea, Irene started developing her artistic personality by studying Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Valencia. On completion of her studies, a desire to discover other cultures made her move to different countries. These experiences are reflected in her work. Myths, rituals, animals, plants, insects, flowers, magic environments, earth, literature, cinema or music are frequent key elements in her work.

Irene’s clients include: Petit Sàpiens Magazine, Sofar Sounds Music Project, Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers, Black Pencil Ensemble, Directa Newspaper, Kimbala Percussion Company, El Duende Magazine, The Beer Garden, Comanegra Editorial, Editorial Media Vaca, Rueda Film Festival, 452º F Magazine and La Ravalera Theatre Company.

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