Asahi Nagata

Asahi (AH-sah-hee / meaning sunrise in Japanese) is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Minneapolis, USA. She was born in Sapporo, the capital city of the largest and northernmost island Hokkaido in Japan.

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Asahi Nagata, Mummy Brown

About Asahi Nagata

After graduating University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a Graphic Design BFA, Asahi interned/worked at charles s. anderson design co. as an illustrator and learned the history of modern print design and illustration from all over the world. There she got a strong interest in how vintage risograph looked and became inspired to create her own work. Being fascinated by risograph, screen printing, linocut, Asahi’s work may seem a little bit of everything but in digital form.

Asahi focuses on producing an authentic retro effect, a print-like texture, using a bold vintage style colour palette, and most importantly diversity as wide as possible. Outside of commissioned work, Asahi produces limited edition prints for her online shop ILLO IRRO.

Asahi’s clients include: Google (Artist in Residence), Monocle, eeBoo, Cloudberries and Ordinary Habit.

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