Agnesbic is an illustrator and animator who works from her studio in Brighton, UK. She grew up in Tuscany and then moved to London to complete her studies in Design & Visual Arts.

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Agnesbic, Mummy Brown

About Agnesbic

Following a 1st Class Honour Degree in Illustration (Westminster University), she began illustrating a multitude of topics including lifestyle, travel, psychology, philosophy, food and fashion.

Colourful, playful and elegant, her work has been used across editorial, publishing and advertising around the world. Her creative process involves a combination of hand drawn brush strokes, lines and textures, assembled digitally to create graphic compositions with a curated sense of colour.

Inspired by life, nature and her love of modernist-influenced design, her work is contemporary with poetic echoes of youth and nostalgia.

When not creating illustrations, she enjoys learning Japanese, going on road trips with her cat, and swimming.

Clients include: Harrods, Chronicle Books, Soho House, Octopus Books, New York Media, Waitrose, Vanity Fair, Courier, Stella magazine, Huawei, ELLE, the Guardian, The NY Times, Conde Nast Traveler, Better Homes & Gardens, The Woodland Trust, Victoria’s Secret and Virgin.

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